ISIP manager is a database application used to create and maintain your operating room’s

surgical instrument inventory and surgical procedure preference cards.

  Instrument count sheets

Create instrument count sheets which can be printed, exported in PDF format, or viewed in the browser with the ability to access detailed information about each instru- ment including a photo, location, reference number, and additional details.

  Surgical preference cards

Create preference cards with detailed information for print, export to PDF or view in any browser. Preference cards are also integrated with the surgical instrument data- base so staff can access surgical instrument information directly from the preference card.

  ISIP manager is secure

Providing three levels of access with each account, this feature allows the account holder to grant either “Lead” access to the account for staff to maintain and create the instrument set inventory and preference cards or “User” access for staff needing only to view or print the instrument count sheets and preference cards.

  ISIP Manager is cost effective

ISIP only requires a secure internet connection; there is no need to have your own in house IT staff maintaining the database or application.

 ISIP Manager helps with compliance

Reduce the need for Flash Sterilization by providing an easy to use tool for staff to quickly identify and locate needed items from your surgical instrument inventory.

Individual accounts

With full access to ISIP manager, this is an ideal solution for individuals and institutions to evaluate how ISIP can be effective in their organizations.